Baby Blankets

This is not a poetry post, but if you take a look and read on, you will understand why this post is here!

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

I recently made a couple of baby blankets. Here’s the first one, done in a slip stitch pattern, using a combination acrylic/wool blend. It’s pretty small as blankets go, maybe 26″ x 26″ or so, good for a stroller.

And here is the other one. It’s done in the same kind of yarn, but here I have done large stripes formed of small stripes, which gives an interesting color blend effect, I think, using garter stitch.

It’s larger, 36″ x 30″, I think, suitable for a crib or playpen sleep session.

Why did I make these and why am I showing them to you now? Because they are for my little granddaughter, my first grandchild, born yesterday, July 27, 2020.

Hello and welcome to Leona Lora!

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A Whole Lot of Ground to Cover

Hello everyone, I thought I’d mention this event taking place on my art blog, in case you might be interested.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

I posted these images not that long ago. Do you remember these middling-sized abstract landscape paintings?

And these postcards?

I was on a landscape kick that was unstoppable and I had a great time with it. As part of it, I painted a LOT of small landscapes, 6″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″. I felt compelled to created these unknown worlds – the act of painting was intoxicating. I realized that I had come such along way from the year before, when I did not have the concentration, the eyesight, or even the good health to be able to do much artwork at all. What a great feeling.

I’m going to post one of these smallpaintings a day all winter, 12/21/15 through 3/21/16, andtake time out each day to reflect a little on how much things have changed for me in the past year, how my health and my…

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I feel it inside

An artist book – images first and then the poetry text at the bottom.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Here’s another little artist book. I made it back in the spring. I think I have another one to post from that time, and then I’ll be caught up – don’t know why I’ve let these photos languish in my holding bin.

When I make these little books, I usually have a group of them going at once, and I work on one, then another, a page at a time. I do it this way because the glue or paint or whatever has to dry on one page spread before I can go on to another one, so it makes sense to have several to work on at once.

I created the images with no idea what the text will be or even how the images will relate to one another. I like the serendipity and the formlessness of this approach for its utterly relaxing and undemanding lack of prescribed…

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The telephone, sir

An artist book with poetry as text. I did this work back in the spring.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Here is another artist book I made back in the spring – it’s called The telephone, sir. I’ve put the images first and written out the text afterwards. That happens to be the order in which I made the book, by the way – I created the images and then wrote text to fit it.

The telephone, sir

At home. The message. The deep and endless sky.
We listen for it.
We doubt. We hope.

The house. The bills. The mailbox. The better neighborhood.
The paycheck and the long commute to work.
The days of walking on tired feet.

The green so green summer grass remembered
by wet brown days of early spring.
Flower stalks from
last year not yet memories nor yet
yielding to new versions of

We meet on the dark street tired faces heavy winter coats
and yet there is the sun to come

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House in the Middle of Trees

Here’s an artist book I made, with a little bit of poetry added.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Here is an artist book I made a few months ago. I created the book and images and then wrote the interior text to fit.

Here is the text of the book.

House in the Middle of Trees

and why not
take a walk
through the trees

and stop at the house
with the blue shutters
ask for a drink
of water

and then
walk through the trees
the trees the trees
that were here before
you ever came along
they belong here
and so
they ignore you
a passerby

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Stepped Through the Barrier

Here is an artist book I did. The images of the book appear first and the text is below.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Here is an artist book I did back in March. The images of the book pages appear first and then I have written out the text below them.

I painted the pages of the book first and then I created the text to go with the images. I prefer to work this way, rather than illustrating something I have written. Somehow seems to suit my way of thinking so much better! If you see photographs, they are ones that I have taken myself.

Stepped Through the Barrier

Did I tell you I saw her yesterday? Yes, you did.
How did she seem? She seemed the same as always.

I seemed the same as always.
Can you see me and say otherwise?
Another hot day, you told me.
Yes. I agreed with you. Another hot day.

As soon as I stepped into this landscape I knew
it would be empty no…

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Beyond Vision

This artist book I did a little while ago has poetry in it, so I thought I’d pass it along here.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

This is an artist book I made a few months ago. The photos show the text and art, and then I have put the text on its own below the photos. If you click on the photos, you can easily go through the book pretty much as it is in real life.

Beyond Vision

I am asked if I have seen you.
The question confuses me.
I cannot get my bearings.

The inquiring face crowds me.
I can see nothing else.
Over there, maybe, I say, pointing.
Maybe, over there.

The starry sky hangs over me,
heavy and insecurely attached to
the moon no friend of mine.
I do not know the answer
to the question.

Ask all you want. I cannot tell you.
One face is very like another
to me. One place looks no different
from the next.
You may ask me.
But you must understand
I will…

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