Tanka 229, 230, Shadorma 343

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 229

an untidy game
the cat unrolls the red yarn
wraps up the chair legs
I knit straight from the tangle
Knots and cat hairs all of it

Tanka 230

A husband quibbles.
I stand at the kitchen sink.
The steak knife lounges
in a soothing bubble bath.
I hate to disturb it, but…

Shadorma 343

The new paint
resets memories
of mice nests
in ceilings
broken pipe floods and warped floors.
I breathe in the scent.

Tanka 226, 227, 228

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, from 2021.

Tanka 226

part scandal part joke
our double act goes back years
this old iron and me
and what we’ve done together
to shirts skirts and boxer shorts

Tanka 227

sleepy doves startle
the flock fans out and flies up
one strikes the window
a glancing blow but lethal
feathers flutter to the ground

Tanka 228

the pen sketches in
repeats the diagonal
the shape is complete
too much so? what’s the absence
that your eye is looking for?

A few new: Tanka 282; Haiku 942; Haiku 943; Shadorma 390

Here are a few new poems from this week.

I enjoy looking at real estate listings on the internet. (I especially love a 3D tour). Recently I saw a house in poor shape, overgrown shrubbery, cracked asphalt driveway – you know the kind of house I mean. Yet in some way, it seemed defiant, almost, in its decrepitude. I was thinking about this house when I wrote the first three poems for today.

Tanka 282

The house turned its back
Cold-shouldered its cowed neighbors
Angry solitude
preferred. On this dead end street
children say it is haunted.


Haiku 942

Leaves in matted heaps
caught by the curb and left there
to rot. No one cares.


Haiku 943

on the dead end street
solitary by design
the proud house snubs all


In my childhood, if you burned yourself while cooking at my grandmother’s house, she administered first aid from a drawer right there on the spot in the kitchen.

Shadorma 390

Burn your hand
on the pie pan. Eat
a big slice
at dinner
the smell of aloe ointment
flavors every bite

Haiku 898, 899, 900, Tanka 225

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Haiku 898

her cankered embrace
who talks like that but it’s true
her touch shrivels you

Haiku 899

My last alias
How I enjoyed being her
I’m sorry she’s dead

Haiku 900

The landlord’s gray gaze.
The bounced rent check in his hand.
Once he was broke, too.

Tanka 225

gray sky and dead leaves
doves peck in the grass for seeds
the wind blusters on
a gap slips in between gusts
one slow leaf drops to the ground

Tanka 224, Haiku 895, 896, 897

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, from 2021.

Tanka 224

blurred copyright year
a book coy about its age
charmless and dated
the former belle of the ball
presents her tattered dance card

Haiku 895

the engine cramped up
the transmission seized and gasped
the minivan died

Haiku 896

the inheritance –
this dull sawblade of a laugh –
your father left you

Haiku 897

a wool coat soaked through
the apathetic triumph
of winter drizzle

Haiku 893, 894, Tanka 222, 223

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Haiku 893

A statistic coasts
its reputation assured
The textbook says so

Haiku 894

unblinking unseeing eye
slowly moving to the left
pulling pale pink thread

Tanka 222

Two weeks at the spa.
Invigorating idyll.
of recent nuisances done –
I’m so relaxed now. I purr.

Tanka 223

skinny fox still young
patchy fur and threadbare rump
stringy tail held straight
no looks and no lack of poise
comes right up to the back door

A few new: Shadorma 376, 377; Tanka 278

Here are a few new poems from this week. It’s been another busy one with my three art classes but things are opening up with more time for writing in the next few weeks. That will be nice.

Shadorma 376.

Flex the nose
feel the body screech
My poor face
was not made
for this expression. My eyes
bug out. How you laugh.

Shadorma 377.

Screech their teeth
scolding ink-stained birds
shriek at me
What it means
I don’t know but I think that
I’d better find out

Tanka 278.

Snarled-up traffic seethes.
Outraged honks and screeching brakes.
Helpless drivers hunch
behind restless steering wheels.
Blank windshields glare. Door locks snap.

Tanka 203, 204, 205, 206

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 203

the links jangle in
a restless twist together
a pattern of sound
formed by two colors of yarn –
I hear as my needles work

Tanka 204

Get the holey spoon
that’s what we used to call it.
Get the holey spoon
and holy green peas! drain them
with this wholly useful spoon

Tanka 205

get me some of that
brown rough string bind me up some
tomato plants on
green stakes I got lined up here –
I’ll grow me vines to the sky.

Tanka 206

Rough twine wraps itself
neat around a cardboard core
ties a lucky knot
when it wants to. Your fingers
tease it into a good mood.

Tanka 214, Tanka 215, Tanka 216

From the poetry collection published in 2021 containing poems written in 2020, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 214

the diner waitress
indulges a customer
fresh pot of coffee
sits waiting for the old man
shuffling from the parking lot

Tanka 215

carousel spins but
wild melody loses steam
the horse slackens pace
its painted eyes unwilling.
The child cries to be let down.

Tanka 216

the rank snobbery
of the fake topiary
prompted a pruning
I undertook with pleasure
How I dislike a phony.

A Few New: Tanka 277; Last Seen Wearing a Green Flowered T-Shirt

Here are a couple of recent poems. In fact, from today.

Tanka 277

near the portly man
in the peculiar jacket
and his warts asthma
clogged arteries sniffles and
heel spurs– there she is! Hey, Ann!



Last Seen Wearing a Green Flowered T-Shirt

She has a taste for dangerous pursuits
as well as qualities of adaptation that
in better times I’d like to think
she gets from me but
not right now
My toddler daughter
has penned me up in the
portable play fence and while I
struggle to untangle my hair
from the mesh she
dismantles the baby gate
jimmies the back door
and now
she and her toy cow
stalk a feral cat in the back yard

A blur of motion then
Spine-tingling frantic yowls
Not from her
or the cow.

Oh dear.