From Clean Canvas, published in 2018.

I feel an idea
a need
a certainty of
it will happen
so that I
to push my way up
to something
from where I am
I want to go
from here to there
I’ve been a root
a bulb
lived off stored-up starch
I’ve held back
been held back
did not know
Now I want to try
be daffodil
and bloom


At the Junction

From Clean Canvas, 2018.

At the Junction

Too early to be awake
yet I am
last night’s rain
releasing the damp
that rises out of the earth when spring
and growing things
push up among the last scrap or two
of snow piled in the flower bed

the green smell
the open window lets in
with the voices of birds
singing in the dark.


Like It Should Be

From Refuge, 2017.

Another poem that reads differently in today’s world than when it was written three years ago. I am looking forward to traffic jams in the rain on a normal Friday morning.

Like It Should Be

The cars in the rain
The drivers peering
through streaked windshields
the sweep of the wipers
flinging the road away and back
thinking about wet shoes
and how much longer it will take
to get to work today
than yesterday
what with the rain
while the radio blares out
ads for basement waterproofing
and hip replacements
the car heater turned up full blast
sock-steaming strong
this Friday morning in early spring
going along fine.


Orchestra and Soloists

From Refuge, published in 2017.

Orchestra and Soloists

The metal-rimmed casement pulled inward
the opening just wide enough to let in
the episodic song of a bird
in the leafless bush under the sill

one square of sunlight
on the scarred wooden table top
moving with the slow outs and backs
of the long heavy drapes
matches the rhythm

the wait and pounce of the gusty wind

through the opening
in the metal casement window
pulled inward.


We Meet Again

From Enough For a Book, 2016.

We Meet Again

The window opened for the first time
since last autumn
letting in the air
chilly still but with the edge
softened around the sound of cars coming down the street
letting in the voice
of the bird who stayed over the winter
singing now in almost spring
letting in the smell
of the earth loosening up around the daffodils
who gain in confidence every day.


Thank You Note

From the collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Thank You Note

Bare branches above me
so when I hear the sound
of a single bird
then with more assurance
I can look up and
above my head
see the performer
quite clearly even to his yellow beak
a robin
singing to the blue sky
not to me down here
yet somehow I feel there is just a little bit extra
for me

Black Branches on Turquoise and Yelllow Blocks small 2009

Black branches on turquoise and yellow blocks, acrylics, 2009.



From Spring Cleaning, collection published in 2015.


You want to view the blossoming trees
exclaim over the pink or the white and say
What a sight they are this time of year.
There is a right time to view these trees and
tourist brochures will tell you if you don’t already know when it is
the blossoms are an easy thing to like and I want to know
how do you feel about
the subtle mist of green leaves
that follows the pink and the white
Did you ever notice it?

Landscape pale yellow sky green stalks yellow field 9-15 6x6 small

Small landscape, acrylics, 2015.