Resume of a Good-Enough Wife

From the collection published in 2017, Refuge.

Resume of a Good-Enough Wife

I did have nice skin
not too wrinkly
My hair was tastefully touched up
and sprayed smooth
I wore my diamond chip earrings on good occasions
with the blue suit that was always just right
if you ignore that one time
when the hem was torn out and repaired with tape.
I wasn’t as fat as some
I never asked why you liked fried eggs
or coffee out of a jar
I just made them.
I guess
it all depends what you want out of life.


Haiku Group Joints and Angles

I wrote this group of haiku about three weeks ago, prompted by the writings of Wonky Wizard, in particular his sonnet Marriages and Divorces. We wrote back and forth about the topic in the comments section, ending on the image of flexibility. I went on to write this haiku group on the topics – marriage, flexibility, and joints that allow movement.

When I say “haiku group”, I mean I wrote these haiku in the order shown, one after another, and I think they work together as a group as well as each on its own to say what I meant. I hope so, anyway.

Haiku Group Joints and Angles

Creaking and flexing
the structure sways in the wind
returns to center.

The door flies open
hinges bent back by the wind
A new gust shuts it.

The stiff joint catches
protesting against movement
crying out for oil.

An easy quick gait
owes thanks to flexible joints
fit for rough terrain

Eager hearts set out
covering the rough terrain
at a steady pace

Bowing to the wind
unfolding to new angles
Healing the mistakes.

Window, Penny's Florist, Glenside, PA, 2015.

Window, Penny’s Florist, Glenside, PA, 2015.

Suburban Silence

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Suburban Silence

I’ll be home at the usual time
I heard the man say to the woman who,
sitting behind the wheel of the minivan
he just got out of
at the train station,
wasn’t even looking at him but
was looking at her fingernails
Certainly not listening and
so tonight
he will be home at the usual time
and she will be sitting
at the dinner table not looking
at him but instead
at her chicken casserole and green peas dinner
that he doesn’t like and has told her so
more than once
but that he always eats

Paperdolls Vignette #2 11-14 small.jpg

Two paper dolls. Collage and drawing.



Maybe Miscast

If you’re not happy, things can be a mess. And I’m not talking about the housework.

You Weren’t Careful What You Asked For

too young to marry
ill-omened shipwreck
Let me present you to
making beds and washing dishes
the thick carpet. the three telephones tablecloth pay your debts,
good taste
Gadgets and machines to be cared for,
claustrophobic. restless. in the house.
slowly, slowly
I think you said that
You won’t get much done today

"You Weren't Careful What You Asked For" on its page in my collage poem book.

“You Weren’t Careful What You Asked For” on its page in my collage poem book.

Happy Feet

It’s a true story and it happened at my house, so that’s why I know all about it.

They Wed on Laundry Day

You’re right, they didn’t start out together,

although I’m sure they knew each other before.

Thrown together as they were,

they must have met –

just neighbors, no more,

too strongly linked

by pattern and identity

to another

surely thought of

as a soul mate.

But now they are certainly a pair,

two not of a kind

but good together. A second marriage,

each having lost a mate.

On my left, a death.

Old age. A final breakdown in the body fabric.

On my right, a divorce.

Just never came home one day.

I introduced them after a suitable interval,

the funeral over, the departed interred;

search efforts called off,

no traces to be found.

They’ve been together ever since.

Seem happy. At least not straying.

I enjoy their company, knowing their story.

A balance restored

settles anyone. I do have a fondness

for the happy ending.

Maybe it’s not a fairy tale romance,

but I’ve made a match.

Who knows?

I could do the same for you.

"Happy Feet"mixed media on paper

“Happy Feet”
Mixed media on paper