More Than a Pastime

From the collection published in 2017, Redirection.

More Than a Pastime

The dropped pencil rolling across the floor
The cat scurrying from the room
The shoes tossed under the table.
A man laughing on the radio
the rain falling even harder.
The casserole baking in the oven
my hand scrabbling for the pencil.
This crossword puzzle
What has happened to my eraser?




From Redirection, published in 2017.


The car circling the parking lot
red now
it was gray the time before
it was black before that
but it is always the car
in the parking lot

The lady restocking the greeting card carousel
adding new cards
happy birthday get well deepest sympathy
in place of the old cards
happy birthday get well deepest sympathy

The mother pushing the shopping cart
two kids hanging on for the ride
picking out onions and
avocados and watermelon and
flank steak and tomato sauce
this week
like last week
picking out onions and
avocados and watermelon and
flank steak and tomato sauce

until the music coming out of the speakers


Society Matron

From the collection published in 2016, Enough For a Book.

Society Matron

The car sits in its space in the lot
A nice car. Expensive enough
appreciating its own respectable image
and right now
getting hoarse from yelling
to attract attention
but not giving up yet. Won’t someone
please come out and
shut off that alarm
and let the poor car
regain its composure. And please
look somewhere else
It’s embarrassing enough
let’s not make it worse
by staring.


One Scene Extracted From Today

From Enough For a Book, 2016

One Scene Extracted From Today

The delivery truck stopped in front
of our house and the driver got out
with a couple of packages and ran
up the short stepping-stone walk
to the porch dropped those packages
on the concrete rang the doorbell
he doesn’t mean for me to answer but
I do. I can’t catch but a glimpse of the back of him
getting into the truck
in a light snow
on a gray cold afternoon.
I’m out here in my sock feet so I
pick up the packages and the truck
is already over the hill but I can hear
its bellowing motor as I shut the door.


Head Down, Awaiting

From Generous With the Details, published in 2017.

Head Down, Awaiting

The act of sorting laundry
a meditation on
the red plaid dress I wore in second grade
and the sadness I felt
in third grade
when I realized it no longer fit me.
The act of sorting a box of pencils
a reflection on
the thrift of saving pencils
with plenty of length and worn-out erasers
and my dislike for using them.
The act of sorting silverware in its drawer
a consideration of
the many times I have done so
the many times more I may do so
Each of these acts
a privilege
or a propitiation
of fate?


Laundry Basket small

Drive The Steamroller

From Generous With the Details, published in 2017.

Drive The Steamroller

The clothes request a laundry session.
The cat demands more food. The car is running
out of gas.
The map expects a searcher. The purse
calls for money.
The wasp wants a hand to sting.
The mug falls off the table and breaks. The hail
cracks a window.

I hide from those who are looking for me.
I hope
in the face of disappointment.
I hear you say
Let’s get in that store and go shopping.


Shopping 10-15 6x6 small

Women shopping, acrylics, 6″ x 6″, 2015.