Ever Since

Hi everyone, here is the book I put together during the recent Loose Ends Poetry Marathon. I say “put together” because it is a collection of poems written in the past, from 2008, let’s say, up to 12/31/15. I think they’ve each been posted here on the blog, but as you know, I like books, and I love seeing my work as a book. So I’ve gathered up this group and here they are. In a book!

I called it “Ever Since”, because that’s how long I’ve been writing poetry. My husband suggested the title “Enough For a Book”, and I’m saving that one for the next group, as soon as there is “enough for a book”!

As always, it is available on Amazon, or I could send you a copy and save you some money, I think. It’s up to you, just ask. I think I will run a giveaway on Goodreads later on, and I’ll be sure to mention it.

OK, that’s it! Thank you as always for reading and paying attention to my work.

Ever Since - book cover 2016 small