After We Unpacked Ourselves from the Boxes

From Clean Canvas, 2018.


After We Unpacked Ourselves from the Boxes

the house containing us
marked us with unfamiliar labels
In the rooms
well-furnished and comfortable
we settled in fine
and started getting along
much to our surprise
and relief. We bake cakes on our birthdays
and do not argue. We mow the grass and
we plant flowers. We thank the magic
serendipity or providence
brought us here
We do not question
one single thing
but enjoy


I Believe You Can Say I Have Been A Timid Gambler

From Clean Canvas, published in 2018.


I Believe You Can Say I Have Been A Timid Gambler

Dice on the mountain
cards in the valley
They’re taking some chances over there
I’m just a beer holder
bystander at the action
the guy under the waterfall
everyone else body-surfing the curve
with a whole lot of whooping it up, too
I got me some liver talk I’m not listening to
I still keep thinking
my number’s coming up
though lately
off and on
it’s occurring to me
maybe it will not arrive in the way I think
But why worry now?
No drinks on the sly!
Fill up this tub
and let’s put to sea.


Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 13

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

I worked on Snippets again this week. I had kept my board full of sorted phrases in place all week. Surprising, because a bit of a breeze or a cat walking on the table can be Snippet snips disaster. But good, since I did not have to sort the snips this week, and I could dive right in.

PO 3-26-20 (4)004

Before I start, spring progresses here at my house. Here is my back yard. The forsythia continues to bloom and the yellow brightness of it is wonderful.

I hope that all of you are well and that you stay well.


OK, here we go into the Snippets. I am showing you the full sets of Snippets as I scanned them, to save time to get them posted today. You will see each one featured at some point in the future as an individual.

Now I’ve got one more creation to show you. At the end of today’s session, I took a postcard-sized background and I semi-randomly came up with this sequence. I didn’t think too much, just went along with it. Not sure if it makes sense or not, but I enjoyed the stream-of-consciousness process.

After I finished this work, I cleared up the board and cleaned up. I will cut more snipes of phrases and words this week in case I want to do another session for next week. It’s time for a refresh of my word inventory.

Collage Poem 3-26-20001

Thank you for reading!