Nirvana Incorporated

From the collection published in 2019, Unpredictable Hue.

Nirvana Incorporated

Some vacation time, I heard the boss say, take some,
but I
didn’t care for the idea of course every so often I
think about it and once I even
thought twice about a
cruise/management seminar/computer boot camp
I thought I’d
have a lot of fun doing something like that. But no
really I’d rather spend
a couple million hours at work I love being at my desk
I never want to be more than
a few inches from it I don’t even take a lunch break
never want to go out and
take a look around what and miss a phone call
the very idea
seems slack to me and I shudder every time I think it.
The boss was saying
a certain kind of mental separation from my
paperwork it would benefit me surely I had
more important things to remember in the big scheme
than the content of my next client call and
in front of her I was polite but inside I thought what
big scheme is she talking about and that
maybe she was not happy as she could be
and should try spending
more time at work. I commenced
to explain how it could all improve for her but she
said Vacation or Fired and she looked
out of the window and I heard cheering and I saw my
cubicle-mates holding up a sign Ed Must Go
two cakes
in the break room
which one will be served:
Bon Voyage
Good Luck in Your New Job


The Scientific Effect of Ocean Waves on Cogitation

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, 2020.

The Scientific Effect of Ocean Waves on Cogitation

laid out flat
on the striped towel
thinking thoughts
of the kind
a man in flowered swim trunks
well past half-asleep

on the beach
zinc oxide sunburn
in progress
a good lunch and a cold beer.
In other words – none.

shadorma chain
ink sketchbook 2019 image 30

Ink Sketchbook 2019 Image 304



As a note, the poem was written for a page in my artist notebook Ink Sketchbook 2019. You see the illustration above. The text was published on its own in Count Syllables on Your Fingers, 2020.


Art Fair

From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.

Art Fair

I sit in my canvas fold-up chair.
Art fair
art under a tent
art on fabric-covered racks
art on display
my art
a summer afternoon
art fair.

People edge into the tent
circle the u-shaped arrangement
(the grass underfoot
will be worn pale
by the end of the weekend)
look at me or not
leave or not and of course
some talk. Some talk to me.
Some talk over me around me.
I sit in my canvas fold-up chair.

Two girls
maybe twenty years old
dressed like girls do in summer
one light floaty dress small floral print and
a pair of work boots laced up the ankle
one frayed jeans shorts a size too small and
white t-shirt a size too small.
T-shirt talks to Boots
not to me
not only does not look at me but
avoids looking at me.
I sit in my canvas fold-up chair.

I sit in my canvas fold-up chair.
T-shirt sweeps her eyes over the rows
of my paintings
This art and I compare it to the art I do
how I do it and what I do and I do it
Boots looks at my art. Silent.

I sit in my canvas fold-up chair.
successful in her one-hundred percent avoidance
of eye contact with me
strides past my visions of possibilities
out and away while
Boots stops
takes me directly in the eye
very quiet
with conviction
I like your work
very much.

I sit in my canvas fold-up chair.


Color Affect

From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.

Color Affect

Tart orange confrontation
at the gas station
two cars vie for the same pump
it’s a tie who’s arrived first and nose to nose
the vehicles sit while drivers glare
faces broken up by thegiant orange gas station sign
reflected in their windshields
planes of mismatched eyes and mouths and
parallelograms of orange
in motion.

Tart orange
deepening to suffused-blood red
and heart-attack purple
quick and simple

Is anyone willing to consider
stolid gray patience
or pale khaki



From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.


My car approaches
cutting through the slanted tree shadows
inscribed across the road while
they wait for me to pass
Father and daughter
I know they are
because I see the resemblance even from here
face and hair and
she with her small bicycle and he with his larger one
they stand side by side
one leg over and ready to hop in the seat
I pass
and quick
they step into the pedals and
zip through the intersection
paralleling the shadows.
I look back in my rearview mirror at
silhouettes marked out against the early morning sun
linked by
their overlapping bicycle wheels
going the same way


Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 27

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

On July 2, I decided to do some Snippets. If you wonder what Snippets are, you can search the blog for that term and you’ll see a lot of my past work. Or, you can just read below, it’s a simple concept and I think you’ll get the gist of it right away!

I had a bag of cut-out words and phrases left over from an earlier session, so I decided to use them and supplement the array with a couple of pages from one of my old discarded books that I have been using.

As always, the hypnotic calm of Snippetry came to me once I get settled at my table. I’ll show you the results, scanned, and then I’ll pick a few to type out.

If you have too many dishes this is what might happen…

forgotten cups and saucers
given up hope
reminisce in silence

I am not sure what to think about these People I mention here. Are they frozen by emotion or resigned? Or just not understanding what to do?

the People not running
timid fragile absent.
a few almost dignified

If this is happening to you, you may be new to the neighborhood and have the characteristics of someone everyone wants to meet. And feed. Is it a good thing?

You say
you are very busy
fighting off
neighbors with large casserole dishes

You know I read a lot of crime fiction and it always finds it way into what I write, sooner or later.

local celebrity
the knife in the kitchen
but he had only one flavor
and It was blood

Sometimes you are just not happy at work. Even if you are a household appliance.

at home
where a very little very angry iron
chose a strong response
to a thin cotton wool dress

You’re going out for dinner and yes you are, just not like you think. Lots of scenarios possible here, including a giant ogre pulling in the local populace.

Ah, good evening, people
take a chair
We furnish no hospitality here
you are all dinner


When I was finished with snippets I glued two paint cards full of randomly assorted phrases. And I will use them as inspiration for other poetry later. But, sometimes I think these compositions have their own charm. I’ll type each one out, then show you the cards. Indulge me, I am enjoying myself here!

Blue Card.

proved it was Wandering
bored, and medium
binoculars definitely
distance along its length,
like summer
fortunate never
sarcastic voice through the windows
nice of you. when
Let me convince
Yes and poor,
worried, too, But cleaned
of the warm dense
third to dream It’s a
all late moments
whatever a great deal.
had realized It might be anything
only for gain. again.
To take mysterious
None of them was
Feel very glad I saw
Do dramatic.

Green Card.

I want to make sure
had to realize,
the engine needing a
I don’t think they did
sleeping upstairs
as a down-to-earth mind.
cooking two lovely
no respect in a big house not really
someone tell me
immediate crop of
not the same out of place pretty
picked up fashionable quickly.
up stress
clean, in cardboard boxes
the men kept asking
a tooth along with
If you ask me, aloud
garish connoisseur copied
answer in time.

Kind of fun, huh?

Snippets extracts 7-2-20

I hope everyone is well and in good spirits. Thank you for reading!

At the Coffee Counter

From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.

At the Coffee Counter

Pulls apron
over her head. Blue
strings tangle
she tugs harder. Customers
waiting. Flustered she

jerks the hem
over her stomach
smooths wrinkles
checks pockets
lets out a held breath. Steps up
to the counter. Greets

number one. Coffee?
Coming up
right away. Pulls at apron.
Smooths wrinkles again.

(shadorma chain)

Haiku 697

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, 2020.

Haiku 697

blue man walks black night
solo shadow on blank road
moon his nearest friend

ink sketchbook 2019 image 29

Ink Sketchbook 2019 Image 293



As a note, the poem was written for a page in my artist notebook Ink Sketchbook 2019. You see the illustration above. The text was published on its own in Count Syllables on Your Fingers, 2020.