6 thoughts on “Travel Axiom

  1. This poem reminds me so much of childhood vacations with my Dad. We always travelled within the UK but nevertheless it remained a weird coincidence that on every vacation we would somehow encounter someone who knew my Dad. One time it was a fishing village in Cornwall, at the opposite end of Britain from where we lived, and another time it was in a fish and chip shop in a small village near the Yorkshire Moors, not even a vacation hot spot.

  2. I think there are some people who are a magnet for this kind of thing. I would not say I am, exactly, but it does seem to occur that I run into someone I know in the oddest places, like your dad. I never liked it, I guess it upset my order of things, people belong in the places where I know them from, right?

  3. Yesw, Unlike some people who seem to welcome such occurences, well, if you see me and I don’t see you, just keep on going if you want, I will not be hurt. !!!

  4. Ha ha! I am actually very unobservant when I am in certain “mission modes”. People tell me they waved to me from their cars and I did not remotely notice them.

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