Haiku 703, Haiku 704, Shadorma 210

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, the collection published in 2020.

Haiku 703

frog song guitar twang
strokes ripple circle stanzas
floats in mud flat notes


Haiku 704

frog plucks the one note
the low tone that radiates
that ripples the pond


Shadorma 210

Fierce black clouds
arrive and choose me
to speak to
Such passion
in the vehement barrage
of rain on my roof


7 thoughts on “Haiku 703, Haiku 704, Shadorma 210

  1. I enjoyed your depictions of frog song. I heard some lively and loud bullfrogs when I was on a walk last week but didn’t actually spot them. I used to love a powerful rainstorm when I was snug and dry indoors but, since the flood, it triggers major anxiety in me.

  2. Thank you. Our house has no area above the ceiling, it’s just the roof, and the rain sounds very loud and sometimes scary to me. If that happens I go into the downstairs (we have a split level) where there is a layer of house above me. I don’t know why, but I dislike the sound of a hard rain these days.

  3. I think the ones I heard for this poem were green frogs, I listened to frog songs on the internet to decide, when I first heard these, but I can’t be sure. I love the sound of a big bullfrog. And recently I heard a trilling song from some kind of frog, lots of them, I thought it must be, a few weeks ago, predawn, at the Pennypack trail in the marshy area. OMG, it was otherworldly.

  4. This particular phobia has been going on a while, since my hearing changed with my health issues (involving damage from antibiotics), but it has racheted up in the last year, that is for sure.

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