Frost on the Car Windows

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, the collection published in 2020.

Frost on the Car Windows

Only five
degrees. Zero plus
five degrees.
Very cold.
Man in the next car over
coat-clad and scarfed-in

squeezed behind
the steering wheel and
thick puffed arms
held out straight
knit cap atop cranium
jaunty pompom style

shadorma chain

4 thoughts on “Frost on the Car Windows

  1. Now you’ve got me pondering what I look like clad in winter wear behind the wheel of my car. I often take my coat off if driving a longer distance because I want better mobility in my arms than a puffy coat allows so I might have a hat and scarf on but no coat. I bet I look like a right twerp.

  2. Inside your own car, you can do whatever you want, I say. But yes, people can see you! It’s one of life’s pleasures to watch other cars and their people, I think. People have a feeling of privacy and yet they are in public. I may be exploiting that schism a bit…for my own enjoyment…

  3. A commuting memory that makes me laugh is me singing loudly along to the radio in my own car and looking at the adjacent car to see the driver singing along to the very same song. We looked at each other for a moment or two and burst out laughing.

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