Little Vines 1/11/21

New Little Vines. Here is this week’s array.

the red sky at morning
A hurricane, maybe not
but do you want to count on it?

New world order.
A statuesque automaton and a self-driving car
They passed their citizenship tests today –
High Five! Honk Honk!

recruited your appendix –
and between them did they go to town on you.

Like a ship’s anchor
that friendship sank underwater
dragged bottom and crushed a mermaid.

step aside little potato and bypass the fray
strong emotions come into play
when brussels sprouts invade a plate

Hardly worth its time to sniff the food.
Cue petulant vocalizing.
The squared twelve minor bacteria shifts its pseudopod
and falls back to sleep.

She was looking attractive
and attached and
very married not to you

Fractured eye with the green
prism of jealousy held tight against
chalk-yellow face glitters through a blur of tears

the doctor stamps hard on your foot
puts pressure on your high teeth
and the baby pops out!

Tapestry: the thread used up
the pattern still incomplete
the decision makes itself

Come out of your dream
Shame no longer works
Let’s try this. Dangle him over boiling water.

the hard edges of her memory chiseled on the gravestone

how has a box of home-made fudge made you
such a reluctant giver
and you such an offensive recipient?

Fate’s big old rubber band
snaps back all your venom at you
like a colossal wasp it bites and
stings you hard. You swell up and die.

the artificial atmosphere
imparts unusual colors
to ordinary party chit-chat.

Take a seat in the waiting room
I promise you that your next good idea
will be with you shortly.

if you doubt yourself
sit on the sofa beside the aged cat
Wait for him to purr.

common as a comma
this beetle is
and yet where is another exactly like him?

Little triangle skinnies
cavort over the boiling sea
their iridescent veined wings sparkle
they flit among the pillars of rising steam

The fly evaded the swatter.
Another unused death,
thought the Big Old Non-Aligned Deity, and frowned.

Cardamom bickers with cloves and sugar
in every one of these muffins
but none of them really means anything by it

Tonight I baked
the shapeliest lasagna
in the galaxy.

Who knew the role of Hypocrite
would be so in demand?

the casting director mused. The farce rolls on.

3 thoughts on “Little Vines 1/11/21

  1. I don’t usually tie writing to what is happening in the world, at least not very specifically, but I had the word hypocrite and then down my list, the last line about the farce, and so…the LV was born. Obviously there is the influence!

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