6 thoughts on “Cat Baby

  1. The cries of one’s own baby are so distinctive. I found I could ignore the cries of umpteen small humans because I knew they were not my own but I would instantly recognise if it was one of my own who was whimpering or squalling. I could also tell, after the first few months, whether he cry was motivated by hunger, tiredness, discomfort, or just dissatisfaction. The things hormones do to the parental brain are really weird. Perhaps even weirder, however, is that I know what my cats’ different meows mean, especially with the older cat.

  2. I pay no attention to a baby crying at all since no baby exists in my daily life, but when one did, there was always that perking up…is is mine? and sinking back when I checked and it was not. As for the cat, when we had four of them, every one of them had a very different voice and vocal habits. Never any doubt who was talking! And what about, too.

  3. Yes! I actually remember the moment when my husband and I realized that we were no longer tuning into the sound of baby cries to adjudicate whether it was our responsibility or not. We realized we had left that phase behind and gave each other a high five.

  4. And the same feeling will roll along through the years until one day, you realize, someone yells out Mom and you don’t even think it could be meant for you. Which is nice.

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