Tanka 151, 152, 153, 154

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, the collection published in 2020.

Tanka 151

Big holes in the roof
of my world. To let me breathe.
To give my eyes light.
For stars to shine down on me.
For rain to water my roots.


Tanka 152

My high blood pressure
A falling barometer
Weighing potatoes
in a grocery store scale
A quantified life.


Tanka 153

in a swimming pool
one summer too long ago
a woman swam laps
her chin-strapped white bathing cap
festooned with rubber daisies


Tanka 154

On the upper floor,
Ladies Better Sportswear. And?
Foundations? Yes, yes.
You’ll need the basement level.
What? Of course it’s not a joke.


7 thoughts on “Tanka 151, 152, 153, 154

  1. Great poems. I love the one written from the perspective of the tree. Those swim caps must have been universal as I had that exact one as a kid, covered in rubber daisies. Tendrils of my long hair that had escaped the cap would inevitably get caught in the rubber petals.

  2. I paused for the first one the longest…with more of a metaphoric than a literal read it could apply to the holes created by the pandemic (though written before)…how gaps can be good for us in some ways.

  3. I wrote this poem when there were some holes in my sky, and at the time it felt bad, but as time passed, this poem became truer – there needs to be room to let things in and for change to come, even if it tears holes in the fabric of life, I think.

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