Haiku 770, 771

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, the collection published in 2020.

Haiku 770

three deer in shadow
blurred ghosts going home at dawn
footsteps burn the frost


Haiku 771

tired puffy-faced clouds
float in the third floor windows
on the stained curtains


4 thoughts on “Haiku 770, 771

  1. I absolutely love the first poem. It is evocative and I have a clear visual in my mind’s eye of deer silhouetted in dusky mist, all in shades of slightly mauve-grey.

  2. We have so many deer in our yard, and I do not like them because they eat every plant I ever want to grow, and many bushes. But every so often a scene comes along as the one I described, and I see them differently.

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