What a Spree I’m On

From Unpredictable Hue, the collection published in 2019.

What a Spree I’m On

plenty of money yeah
so what it would be like
to look at it
hold it in my eyes
there would just be a lot of things
well for one it would make it easier
not to have to rush
at the airport
and like being met by
a great big brass band
one two three four
oompah oompah
Maybe not that so much but
what? and a rabbit in a dark suit
who knows how to drive a limo
and a placard
calling my name
tracking me down
with some surprise on my part
at the baggage claim
where I am apparently
waiting for expensive soft-side luggage.
I will come to find
I have a credit card
where it came from or what it’s all about
I don’t know
but it paid for ten suitcases stuffed full
what kind of bathing suit is that?
Great. Snick back that trunk lock
on this limo’s great big rear end
I said to the rabbit
Let’s load this thing up
we can stop for lunch
on the way to the beach
I’ll spot you a pair of trunks
Call some friends if you like.
I’m gonna love this town
I’m feeling it.


2 thoughts on “What a Spree I’m On

  1. I am laughing. What a great way to see this story. I remember writing this, no idea where it was coming from, but you know, I would have loved to be going along on this spree, all right.

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