In Your Own Head Maybe

From Unpredictable Hue, the collection published in 2019.

In Your Own Head Maybe

Shut up or
I will come over
Slap out your
too-smart phone
Strike down that instrument of

that leads you
to think you can squall
in tempo
with cat apps
and think that I can’t hear you
from two feet away.

(shadorma chain)

7 thoughts on “In Your Own Head Maybe

  1. Oh my goodness this makes me think of when I am having a peaceful outdoor walk and then in the distance I hear someone on their cell phone…getting closer… and closer…I usually stop and step aside and let them pass. Nothing ruins my zen walk moment like someone chattering behind me!

  2. Yes. Total yes. In fact this happened to me just this morning. Besides the fact that this person is missing the outdoors experience and beauty I wonder how they can stand to be having a chattery conversation with someone at 6:15 in the morning. On the other hand I am a person who does not want to talk on the phone at any hour of the day.

  3. Ah I thought only I am was cranky (smile) – I find that I now cringe whenever I get a call on my cell phone, especially when caller ID says it is someone who is “chatty” 🙂

  4. Yes, me too. By now though most of my friends and relations know I won’t pick up the phone. Most of the time I have its ringer turned off, anyway. I remind myself, when I was a kid, and we left home, the phone stayed there, and we didn’t know if anyone called. And it pretty much didn’t matter. And even then I didn’t like talking on the phone. I found it easy to let it ring and not answer it, and if it bugged me enough, I’d unplug it from the wall.

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