Confab and a Quick Once-Over

From Unpredictable Hue, the collection published in 2019.

Confab and a Quick Once-Over

Guy on the phone
sitting next to me and talking loud
reads out a list
medications I think
drizzipantsit and pectophinio and
he rattles off ten more
I slide my eyes his way
head to toe he looks all right
but these days I understand
there are many things
wrong with every person
that I had no idea of how many
even me though I ignore it mostly
despite the ads on TV that
explain it day and night
Freckitine and snarkolet and
now he is describing the state of his colon
it being on his insides and hidden by his skin
his tan flannel shirt and faded blue pants
I can’t see it but
I sure can imagine it. The poor thing
all inflamed and writhing and
riddled with stripes
to hear him tell it but despite this condition
Thank you for this excellent
customer service
he says and I think it all sounds like
very personal and here on the bus
I mostly just want to doze.


14 thoughts on “Confab and a Quick Once-Over

  1. Well, you know how people do this all the time. Just sit in public and figure that no one can hear them though they are not trying not to be heard. And they say the craziest things. Things I could not imagine if I tried. This poem is only slightly exaggerated from things I have heard. I do tend to sit quietly and people never notice I am there, maybe that accounts for it, but I seem to pick up this kind of info all the time…

  2. Yes, I hate it when the phone rings and you must talk about things you’d otherwise never say with an audience but there is the essentiality of the moment and it cannot wait. Still I am always trying to get in a corner and do this kind of talk. I notice lots of people, they seem to have no idea anyone is listening even if you are sitting right next to them.

  3. I love the imaginary medications! I think the pharmaceutical industry should give you a job coming up with names for their new concoctions. Either people have no sense of privacy or else they imagine nobody else can hear their loud phone conversations. I don’t get it.

  4. I’m ready if the industry wants my expertise. Yes! I believe I can be helpful! And it’s my belief that people get on the phone and become so immersed in the conversation that it becomes a separate reality, removed from wherever they physically are.

  5. Doctors are always amazed that I take so few medications. My mother always had a parcel of pill bottles and was on the lookout for more. I suspect many hide their drug habits in this way. As to the public phone talkers…(k)

  6. Allergy medication OTC and my eye medications. That’s it. And I hope it stays that way! My mother also never met a pill or prescription that she didn’t like – I think she felt it gave her status of some kind. Eeek.

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