Haiku 747-749

From Use All Your Eyes to See, published 2020. These haiku were written 10/24/19.

Haiku 747

tiled constellations
stars glazed lapis blue and green
scattered underfoot

Haiku 748

the crawling insect
tempting sprinkles of sugar
the table wiped clean

Haiku 749

Showery nighttime
Dark wet leaves slap at the ground
The porch light burns dim

11 thoughts on “Haiku 747-749

  1. Thank you. I was motivated by my clay work in making tiles, which led me to think about a visit to the Alhambra about one million years ago, and the whole tile-making world that uses stylized natural forms and shapes, in patterns, including stars. From there is was the intereesting to me idea of star overhead, star underfoot, and where am I in regard to them? And then maybe on a planet far away, there are colorful stars? I still think this whole topic is a beautiful trip from our earth to the unknown.

  2. Your first poem makes me think of the ancient mosaics I have seen – mostly Roman – and the way they make me think about the span of human history and my miniscule part in it. The last poem is very evocative of this time of year.

  3. I always think about this kind of thing when I walk on a patterned floor. I can remember not wanting to walk on the roses on my grandmother’s carpet, for instance. I felt they might still be real in some way.

  4. Mosaics are very good reminders that some things endure long after the humans associated with them perish. In this poem, I was thinking of the Moorish mosaics I have seen. Star shapes and so on, with a lot of geometry, are all over Spain and Portugal where the Moors were, because Islam forbade representational art. Some of the patterns are just breathtaking.

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