A Sense of a Soul

From Use All Your Eyes to See, published 2020.

A Sense of a Soul

Irregular quadrilateral times four
you are
a truncated pyramid
topped by a loop handle

a grandmother in a silver dress

each of your sides
a circle-pierced grid of mouths
lower lips drooping

a kitchen idol come down from the shelf in the corner

your mouths
arranged in ranks by strength of appetite
tiny morsel-biters on this side
swallow-a-slice on another

a destroyer who passes no judgement

all of your mouths hungry
more than ready
to chew up a block of cheddar
scraped down the rows

a remover subtracting here and adding there

cheese grater
scraped knuckles
a pile of gratings on a plate
an orange block diminished
the night behind the kitchen window

a finger of the soul of things reaching in


6 thoughts on “A Sense of a Soul

  1. Since it is October, my mind is constantly flitting to thoughts of Halloween and all things monstrous and macabre. A few of your poems in this selection made me think of scenes from monster movies or thrillers.

  2. I got started on this from looking at my cheese grater and all the little cutters in different sizes; it has a personality to me, and I was thinking of how one thing can have so many sides to it (no pun intended). And being something that “eats” it certainly has a kind of harsh destructive side to it. Weird how I get ideas sometimes, I think…

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