Haiku 741-743

From Use All Your Eyes to See, published 2020. These haiku were written 10/24/19.

Haiku 741

In the tarnished leaf
suspicions of winter nights
shine in blackened veins

Haiku 742

on blackened paper
alien voices once sang
ashy floating notes

Haiku 743

subway and the smell
of too many tired people
impatient for home

8 thoughts on “Haiku 741-743

  1. I love Haiku 743, the way its been written in so few lines yet I can clearly picture the scene is so beautiful

  2. The last one almost made me judder at the memory of sweltering, stultifying, and stinky journeys on the London Underground. The first one is beautiful and evocative and the second one is hauntingly poignant.

  3. I rode the El and trolley for several years back in the past. There is a certain smell and feel to the experience, not bad, really, just definitely identifiable. And if I smell it now I am right back into commuting memories.

  4. It’s been a long time since I was on the subway too, or the trolley. I was thinking about the trolley odor after I reread this poem, it ran on an electrical rail outside, not underground, and there was always a scent of electricity about them. I also liked them because they were very old cars, and the windows opened. A nice feeling going home after a long day at work (in the summer. In winter, of course, back to wool coat and people smells).

  5. I don’t remember noticing an electric smell on the old street cars. Now I want to go back and check it out…perhaps more of my travel was on subways in the period before the more modern streetcars…anyways, so near yet so far.

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