From the collection published in 2019, Unpredicatble Hue.


We were talking about
Spiders and their webs and
how they serve finger food and
and about being around someone
who ate the fly
raw. Imagine being friends
with finger-food fly eaters
Of the problems that people are just not aware of
this is one of them


9 thoughts on “Canapé

  1. So why am I reading and liking poetry all of a sudden? Or is it just yours? Remember the Far Side comic by Gary Larson? There is something super appealing about being made aware that there is such a thing as nature, I like the opportunity to take nonhuman perspectives. Does that make any sense?

  2. I get the feeling “Unpredicatble Hue” is not a spelling error. I am not sure if I wouldn’t be more pleased if it were. But if the spelling is deliberate, I very much appreciate, delight in, the subtlety (suttel tea?) of it. That’s all. Thanks!

  3. Yes. One thing I like about writing poetry is that I can be anyone I want, just describe a moment of whatever I imagine (and not have to have a plot, that is why I am not so good with stories, they need to go somewhere). Making a little fragment of something, a thought, picture, whatever, that is my specialty, I guess, or anyway, I keep on doing it!

  4. If you think about it, all language is based on sequences of fragments connected. “Aha!” could mean a million things. “Aha! There you are my pretty!” narrows down the possible significances.

  5. Thank you. And you are right, I remember when I first heard the word canape, I was entranced. It sounded so classy to me, as if it should be a type of fabric for an expensive dress.

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