Observe the Social Niceties and See It Pay Off

From Unpredictable Hue, 2019.

Observe the Social Niceties and See It Pay Off

After they asked I had to think it over for a while but
by the next day
I’d made up my mind. It was trouble, big fat trouble,
though lucrative, sure, but the story
appealed to me mostly because
it just tickled my fancy.
Since I had gotten myself invited to dinner
you bet I’d go, meet more new friends, explore
possibilities. I gave serious consideration
to my outfit and a proper hostess gift
and timed myself to arrive socially late.
I walked out of the library
with an almost-new copy of the latest bestseller and
the plain wool coat I wore every day
taking the bus (no license plate on a car to trace)
knocked on the door. No voice could be heard
inside the house but that barking dog
kind of put me off. I don’t know what length of time
is enough to wait at an unanswered door but I could
make the case it’s supposed to be

less time than it takes
to look in the front window
see your hosts
lying on the carpet
not napping
and realize
arriving after the other guests
was a good thing
after all.


5 thoughts on “Observe the Social Niceties and See It Pay Off

  1. Thank you. You have hit on two of my recurring themes – a crime situation that’s a little twisty and…say no to dinner parties or parties of all kinds, or face the consequences, and it’s not always just boring people…

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