Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 34

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

On August 19 I did a Snippets Marathon afternoon. If you’ve been following my work for a while, you know what Snippets are. If you wonder what I mean, read on, and you will most likely get the idea very quickly! Or you can always search the blog using the term “snippets” to see earlier work or learn more. 

Or, ask, questions! And I will answer them as best I can.

All right. Snippets. I had cut out the raw materials for today’s session earlier this week. I shook them out of their plastic bag and on to the work surface.

Today I arranged them roughly according to parts of speech, grouping them by nouns, verbs, and so on.


Then I started to push them around, see if anything made sense. It’s always a slow process at first.

My rule is that these Snippets must be 3 or 4 lines. Usually I can get two lines and remain stuck on the third. The trick is not to pre-determine what I’d like to be finding to complete it but to be patient and let things emerge.

I keep small useful words in their own section. 

PO 8-19-20 (6)

How about a little fun with Snippet snips? Here is what happens if you read the words too fast:

PO 8-19-20 (3)

…or without your reading glasses?

PO 8-19-20 (2)

Just kidding. OK, here are the Snippets I finished. I’ll type out a few selections.

the cook
carrying a large open crate of spinach
in his huge yellow-white teeth


remember the string breaking
and you stepping on a pearl
the only one I had found?


not that the rain
had forgotten the skies
It blew out of
but It sure told a vague story


the ghost of patterns
the echo of what was
the season for change

so many people in town need sleep,
talk about sleep
would do anything for sleep
couldn’t sleep

And sometimes, Snippets come together with a more cryptic message, the kind of thing that makes sense, and then doesn’t, and then does, but not clear and straightforward. I do not know what these Snippets mean but I like the way they talk.

as if the pink
interrupted the empty
far more than standing on glass
in the strayed daylight


began to leave and went
paid for enough and sold,
adjusted the One again And again
somewhat please always worry

Now, here are the Snippets themselves, glued on their artist trading card-sized cards.

Next, I will coat them with some acrylic medium to even out the glue streaks, copy down the words in my Snippets list and assign them numbers, and I will separate these large sheets of images into individual images, digitally, to file them away.

All right, that’s it for Snippets!

I hope everyone is well and in good spirits. Thank you for reading!