From Unpredictable Hue, published in 2019.


What was the point of growing up strong and tall
every summer raise a big family of acorns or seeds or nuts or pods
every fall see them fall and scatter and be gone
Grow leaves drop them grow another set next year
and drop them
Add a ring to your trunk and another and
then another
while birds hop around all over you through you
build their nests in you
while insects chew your leaves
while moss grows on your roots.
Rain comes or it does not.
Snow lies in layers along your limbs.
Wind blows. How the wind can blow.
Your branches weaken
and they break off. A scar runs down your trunk
but you still stand. What was the point
what was the point
but to do all these things
but to live under the sun and reach into the sky?


5 thoughts on “Tree

  1. The point of being alive gets lost in all the activities of it, I think. And to me it is that there is no point, just enjoy being alive as you go along…

  2. This makes me think of the big oak in my backyard. I’m on tree watch right now studying the trees in my neighborhood that I know start to show signs of seasonal transition around now. It won’t be too long before my oak joins them and starts dropping its acorns.

  3. I notice I have been seeing acorns here and there, and walnuts. It is truly the very beginning of fall now, though many people would disagree and say it is still summer. Yet the trees know…

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