Scheme and Waiting

From the collection published in 2019, Unpredictable Hue.

Scheme and Waiting


Polished concrete stairs
open plan terrazzo style
cool and gray-specked
scuff strips glued down for safer footing
wind their way up toward the skylight
twisting through the hiss of air conditioning under
its ductwork coiled around the ceiling
like white-painted squared-off snakes.

The small blond woman
works her way up the angular spiral
her hard-soled sandals sliding across each step
ch sh ch sh ch sh
to the landing
clap clop clap clop clap clop
and up again
ch sh clap clop
arriving and
disappearing into the sunlight
spread across the dark gray carpet.
The snakes hiss.


2 thoughts on “Scheme and Waiting

  1. I love the sounds in this. It reminds me of the sound of flip flops which I sort of enjoy (drives some people crazy)

  2. Yes, that is exactly it, I love flip flop sounds, always have (and I remember wanting a pair when I was really young, and then finally being allowed to have them, then I could listen to the sounds as I made them, just thrilling to me at about age 5 or so…)

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