Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 32

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

Another Marathon day at home, August 6, 2020. I decided to take one of my handwriting practice notebooks*, find 5 syllable phrases, and use them for haiku** writing.

PO 8-6-20 (1)

*I re-taught myself handwriting a few years back and I still practice a page a day, to improve my skills. This practice consists of writing down conversations I hear, radio or TV dialogue, snips of audio books I might be listening to, or even songs. I write slowly, so the notebooks make no sense (I am no stenographer…) but they sure do have material for thought in the weird and serendipitous connections they line up for me.

PO 8-6-20 (6)

** When I say haiku, I mean 5-7-5 syllables on any subject I feel like writing about. I’m fascinated by fitting thoughts into the syllable count and that’s haiku to me. So inside the confines of this blog, expect a haiku to count out but other than that – well, who knows?

PO 8-6-20 (5)

OK, let’s get going. Here are a few of today’s items. Oh, and these photos? I have taken photos of some pages from my notebooks and fancied them up a little. And as you can see, sometimes I indulge myself in elaborate lettering, too, if what I am hearing is not holding my interest enough to write it down.

PO 8-6-20 (2)


wait for what’s coming
thunder shouts at the black cows
huddled in the field

Think nothing of it
the skirt too tight in the waist
This cake is so good

an apology
perhaps he was remorseful
perhaps he was ill

She eats raw onions
I know you would never ask –
No, I don’t kiss her


A couple of shadorma poems. Sometimes I need more syllables, so I switch into some form that gives me…more syllables.

At close range
the fiction falls down
Get a grip
Smile real big
Limber up those eyelashes
You’ll be needing them.

I want us
to get along fine
preserve this
happy time
Wrap it in plastic. Seal it.
Smother it. Kill it.

PO 8-6-20 (3)


I hope everyone is well and in good spirits. Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 32

  1. Those times of smooth sailing can be fleeting. I just came across a prompt where you just write down 100 random words you hear or see or say—just words that appeal to you–and then you do some free writing exercises with them. I’m finding it helpful because I tend to rely on the same words and ideas when I write. Some words require hard thinking. (K)

  2. Yes, “taking dictation” from the universe can lead to some interesting paths and conclusions. I like being prompted this way, I find myself doing it more and more, as I like how it makes me reach into my head and examine what I pull out, sometimes to my surprise.

  3. I love the storm cow poem because it conjured up many memories of childhood wandering where my first inkling that I should beat a retreat home before the downpour came was observing the behaviour of cattle. I think the cake poem speaks to me a lot right now as I have been baking so much while stuck at home and have actually largely given up caring what the impact might be on my girth since I seem to need to bake (and eat the results) for my mental health. My favourite poem in this selection, however, is that final poem. I love the way it evolves from possessing a positive and warm tone to feeling dangerous and troubling and all in the span of a few lines. Very well done.

  4. Cows were also part of the scenery of my childhood and I still like seeing them in fields – they observe,they make sense of things, they do. No ambiguity! And they know the weather. As for the last poem, it wrote itself. I am not sure where it came from, but I knew right away, it was right, though kind of upsetting, but I liked the ambiguity and open-endedness of it.

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