The Unexpectedly Scrambled-Up World of Sending and Receiving Messages

The Unexpectedly Scrambled-Up World of Sending
and Receiving Messages

A phone call in the afternoon ring ring ring no one
answered everyone in the shower asleep or busy?
quite a mystery of the very mini-size but anyway the
caller waited and waited and then waited
to be invited to leave a message but no go the
answering machine refused to try. Here we go again
there sure is something funny about that machine it has its likes and dislikes its motto being
it may take a while don’t rush me don’t count on
results I’ll get to it if and when

It was not humiliating, the whole stubbornness thing, it
was more like maddening and once
I took photographs as it refused to pick up and I said
– look at yourself don’t you look stupid
the hesitation implies you don’t know your own mind –
hoping to shame it but
it’s one of the hardest things to do in the world, shame
an answering machine. Anyway,
some definite news about the mystery caller surfaced
later via a package left
by the front door and a note said tried to call couldn’t
get through
the whereabouts of any of you I wonder if you are still
alive or held hostage love your grandma

resulting in
an unpleasant interview with said machine things have
finally gone too far and then there was
a short struggle, a sudden retirement announcement, a
new machine that preens the chrome trim off its
plastic body
but doesn’t have an issue
with answering calls

to be on the safe side
I will use the mails
for my next communication.
I composed a thank-you note:
Dear Grandma
successful. Call me later.


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