From Unpredictable Hue, 2018.


You woke up this morning
this day sunny summer clear
a breeze in the tree leaves
where of course you know them all
the sky it’s all your sky
so blue just a few wisps of clouds
float with you and
all of this you see in the ground-to-infinity
cube of glass windows across the front
of that building. Before it happens you have no time
to imagine never would you ever think
the air will become solid
break your neck
witness your fall to the hard concrete of the sidewalk
where I will find you
with your neck broken
and cry

for you
who woke up
this morning


4 thoughts on “Stricken

  1. Yes. I remember this incident as if it happened yesterday and I still feel like crying. Somehow it just underlines the total unfairness that life can send to any creature or person, no warning, just impersonal, and the cutting off of plans and hopes, well, I feel it very much with this little bird and by extension now, something I did not know of when I wrote the poem, the world of what is happening these days.

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