Little Vines 7/28/20

New Little Vines. Here is this week’s array.

the ghost so deep in thought but he clocks out at sunrise
then he’s just a spirit looking for some spirits.
Give him another gin and tonic, please.

she called me up all agitated
her harried expression and disheveled hair
clearly audible over the phone

I try Plan A each time
but the same old troubles dog me
Meanwhile Plan B strains on its leash ready to go
Plan C snaps at me from inside its cage. Oh dear.

My advice: laugh in green
flaunt in yellow
worry in a deep dark red

a mug of mouthwash
and a kiss

He told me I couldn’t fifteen well enough to fool a marshmallow
I said You just keep your blasted twenty-one to yourself
You haven’t seen me eighty-eight yet, have you?

about a quarter-mile
from the palindrome
we began to sense the nature of its oscillation

I felt that memory rise out of the dark –
a segment in the line of omens
streaming from the subconscious

side by side in my pocket and arguing –
that  hypocrite the free-spending credit card and
its nagging partner the itemized transaction bill

a small fire earlier this afternoon
in your beard
and you ruined that nice necktie! What a shame.

Investments in flower seeds
never fail to pay off –
Thank you, zinnias, for this summer.

it’s still a little fuzzy what happened.
I never make two mistakes in a row
Usually it’s a lot more. Are you sure?

we’re all liars
but as they say at sundown around here
tomorrow’s another day

the swagger attitude of
vigilante hot pepper sauce red
meets a sweet-spoken bucket of vanilla ice cream –
Results: a hiss of steam. That’s us all right.

The shovel. A skull. A swing, a crack –
Oh, lighten up. Enough with the drama at breakfast.
It’s a spoon and an egg for goodness’ sake. Eat.

on any other day
maybe my precarious hold on back to normal
would be something to laugh about

Turns out it was a spell of
too good to be true,
except for you, sweetheart. Except for you.

no one ever proved
back to normal
could be bought with a lifetime of therapy bills

In this
not the only universe there is
but here is the one where we are –
so be careful. The omens speak for themselves.

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 7/28/20

  1. I love these! No 4110 especially speaks to me (don’t know if it’s about being undecisive, unsure or even having too many options sometimes…), and 4122 made me laugh!

  2. Thank you. I think 4110 can go several ways (these little poems often seem to do that, I think I’m saying one thing and then I realize later there is another interpretation or two) but for me, I was thinking of how I plan out projects, and then they seem to get a life of their own and the options work it out on their own, I am just a spectator!

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