I Got Rid of the Dress the Day After

From Unpredictable Hue, 2018.

I Got Rid of the Dress the Day After

Going to get married, I shrieked, to him? Him?
With me a pink-dress bridesmaid? But that’s
the way things were done. At the wedding I stood
beside you cliché thinking
today your smile so potent it
can heal the sick,
like a light from above, maybe
it will all be fine
and to tell the truth I did know you cannot be alone,
can’t stand it, never could, so,
maybe maybe maybe, but
to make a hindsight statement loud and clear
I’ve always thought you
might have missed something in making your decision
maybe maybe maybe, so of course I think
it’s wonderful news if it’s true, you’re getting divorced
and taking him


2 thoughts on “I Got Rid of the Dress the Day After

  1. I love that the whole narrative of this marriage is contained within a poem because oh my goodness have I supported a few friends through just this very scenario. I confess I have often felt relieved when they made it to the actually officially divorced stage because the neverending relationship drama was fatiguing.

  2. Yes. The same thing happening to me, too. You are patient, you listen, but you think—I knew this was going to happen… and when it finally does, it is a relief. To you, anyway!

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