From the collection published in 2018, Unpredictable Hue.


Avenue Tan
here in our town and
where I live
I plan my relocation
imagine the life

where I walk
the polychrome grid –
Cerise and Acid Yellow
saturate the air

I breathe in
the sharp bright colors
the fragments
that cohere
embrace yet remain distinct
Meet me on this street.

(shadorma chain)

6 thoughts on “Undercoat

  1. How funny that you should publish this poem today as I was just complaining to my husband about how much I hate the fact that our siding is tan. I have been annoyed by it lately because I want to paint the front door and garage door something bolder but it cannot look ugly against that blasted tan. Where we lived before emigrating, on the west coast of Scotland, the fishing villages in particular are full of brightly coloured houses. I wish that was the case everywhere.

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