Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 30

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

Marathon at home today, July 23. It was pouring rain when I started to work.

PO 7-23-20 (2)

But I had my faithful friend with me in the room. I’ve had to start putting a cover on the table for him – otherwise, when I do art work here, I find cat hairs…everywhere, and pesky they are, too, to pick out of paint.

PO 7-23-20 (3)

I was thinking of doing Snippets again this week but I felt too impatient. I quickly glued an array of already-cut words and phrases to a card instead, intending to use them for inspiration. I do find a lot of intersting ideas fall into my mind from the random assortment of words…

PO 7-23-20 (4)

Let’s see what I came up with. Here are a few items.

This poem came from the line an idea what to do on the card.

An idea what to do
no I don’t have one
I told her
folding my arms
my left hand
pinching the crook of my right elbow
I do that when I’m nervous
or cornered. I do not know
I said
speaking to my wavery reflection
in the polished tabletop
instead of to my wavery reflection
in her polished face.
Can you imagine she said
and I told her
I do not know
– the rain striking at the window
mutes my last word
I don’t think she hears it –

This one arrived via the man menu on the card.

After her divorce
I reflected on a few things
I came to some conclusions
such as
She read the man menu
in too much of a hurry
that’s why she ended up with him
that’s all I can figure
slow down and pay attention
That would be one thing.
never ask for the special
just to save money
And three
if you don’t see a selection you like
try another restaurant

Here is a shadorma using the phrase social crash from the card.

social crash
the wreck still smoking
open mouths
set to gasp?
or wide-eyed vultures waiting
to pick the carcass?


After I finished, the rain stopped and things are looking a little brighter. Good, because I hope to mow the grass this afternoon.

PO 7-23-20 (1)

I hope everyone is well and in good spirits. Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 30

  1. The “man menu” poem makes me think of my Gran’s advice: “You can go window shopping without opening your purse”. I really like that last poem too. It is such an incisive observation about human behaviour and the differing ways in which people can choose to respond to someone else’s crisis.

  2. Sometimes I think in a social crisis, people are poised on an edge, watching others and waiting to see which way they go, and the first will decide the rest…and I like your Gran’s saying, it is exactly right. Looking is free, having is not so much…

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