I’m in a Situation Full of Ingredients

From the collection published in 2018, Unpredictable Hue.

I’m in a Situation Full of Ingredients

I thought
So I’d be grateful if you’d stop by some other time because I
didn’t expect any company today in fact planned it that way but
a certain delicacy stopped me from saying it, the remnant of a
memory of years of friendship, shredded as it was, and I decide
taking a big chance I sheathe and retract
the cutting tool, the sharp words, the knife of bad thoughts,
the suspicions, they
drop straight to the bottom of the pot and I slam on the lid. So
there was company to dinner after all
all three of us, you, me, and my dead brother your late husband
of whom the problem he represented
was suddenly solved some years back when his shriveled heart gave out
I remember your smile
illuminated the whole room. I don’t blame you he was trouble size extra large
dressed in ordinary street clothes and his schemes and shenanigans
they would fill the drawers of
not one desk but two plus off-site storage. Well, eating dinner with you
won’t break the rules I guess but I’m glad I did the cooking
and I’m watching you because I think

my brother
I do miss him but certainly not enough to join him.


6 thoughts on “I’m in a Situation Full of Ingredients

  1. Thank you I find so often I am prompted by the phrases or whatever and then…the situation takes off. I think I must have a tendency to this way of thinking – there is a darkness behind every facade? Yes, I think so, but how it goes from there, well, will the lights go on, or will we stay in the dark basement?

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