On the Main Stage

From Pink Chalk, 2018.

On the Main Stage

going to get married
everyone thought
no, they went their separate ways
such a disappointment
to the audience
but the play doesn’t always go
as you think it will. Suspense and anticipation
plot twists spiral through
she left town for a better job
he married the dentist’s daughter instead
Three children or
a large year-end bonus
isn’t that why you stay in your seat
through all the boring parts
so you can finally see
how it all turns out?


7 thoughts on “On the Main Stage

  1. I like books, plays, and movies that are not predictable and don’t just follow a run-of-the-mill plot. I, therefore, also like that real life people sometimes do unexpected things and don’t make predictable choices.

  2. I think I would love to see what you might do with that idea.. Recently I have been very impressed by your storytelling abilities and since you bring it up, a sequel… or maybe the next chapter in a serial…?

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