Little Vines 6/29/20

Back to writing new Little Vines. Here is this week’s array.


the campfire
the ghost stories
and our nerves speared on forks and toasted for dessert

he said
nothing about no sleep last night but
the blinds are still drawn over his eyes at breakfast

a balmy night a tumbledown house
a barking dog a flickering candle a crash of thunder
a light snow a scent of roses moldering
wait a minute I think things are getting out of hand in this story

Smelling jealousy
I pulled out a suspicious incident or two
to throw at her. Splat-green, right between the eyes.

the tiny pearl buttons
on the baby’s dress
her stiff fingers could not fasten

faded neighborhood
wilting business
even if I said no I knew I would do it
what do I have to lose?

drive a fully-loaded truck across
a piano keyboard –
you’ll get something like her rendition of Ave Maria

so you spilled
only the one bowl of secrets
it’s still plenty for the mop to take home and ponder

we both wanted what we wanted
we parted ways in the lobby. Once we were gone
the floor polisher swept across the floor
wiping away any sign that we had ever been together.

he came down hard on venom
but I heard denim
Poison in a pair of jeans, though, we both understood

not now not then not in years we thought never
but that which we sought to escape
the tide’s now unburied. It winks at us in the sun.

no future in it no past to it
and no insurance to pay for its healing
this abandoned car with its wheels already gone

spiteful little white building
I cross the floor in your kitchen
its linoleum a curled sneering lip set to trip me up

so much screaming from my family
prompted by the pain of a sudden attack of
they are finally hearing what I’m saying

the spool unwinds queasy dizzy
the voracious needle gulp the thread down the seam

pumpkins for sale
and ten thousand Cinderellas
pulling out their change purses

7 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/29/20

  1. Lots of wonderful imagery in this selection. I loved the idea of the ghost stories being a campfire dessert. That is just so perfect. I also liked the poignancy of the old hands with the baby buttons.

  2. Quite a collection today. My top ones are a, g, h and o. A big chuckle for the truck on the piano and that gulping needle on the sewing machine captures a voracious process.

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