From Pink Chalk, 2018.


coat hangers
bunched together
white thin wire
fragile. hesitant.
Empty coat hangers
slide them along the rail
they sway
still themselves
settle. Whisper among themselves
a faraway gentle bell ringing
in the emptied closet
in the emptied house


7 thoughts on “Leave-taking

  1. Thank you. I so enjoy imagining a life or a story behind almost everything, always have been seeing characters where others see coat hangers, so to speak? And I do love a mystery, thinking of what could happen next, what happened before, and why, and who…

  2. Any time I am in an old house, my mind wanders to what the walls and fixed furnishings have witnessed, what events they have seen, heard, and absorbed into the atmosphere of the place. I, therefore, love the idea of the whispering coat hangers.

  3. Thank you. I feel that every object has a spirit of some kind, a residue of its activities, whatever, and if we listen…we will hear what they say. That is what I am thinking here, the coat hangers, the house…it all is almost like an organism to me.

  4. Thank you. I tend to think everything has a spirit of its own, remnants of its own experiences still present, some we see (scratches on a tabletop, say) and others we don’t (what it thought about all the family talk that went on at each meal) and maybe its own concerns I know nothing about. I’ve thought this way since I was a child (in fact was surprised when I learned others did not take it for granted) and though I can now get rid of say, my lawnmower, when it no longer works, I still feel it. Maybe it’s imagination, but…I like the world it makes for me. This poem came about when I was remembering moving from our previous house and coming upon forgotten coathangers in a closet as we were about to leave. (I let them stay).

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