The Line Drawn Between Us

From Pink Chalk, 2018.

The Line Drawn Between Us

That guy’s giving no thought to it
skipping down those steps in the open stairwell
he is
everyone can see him cheerful in a plaid shirt this morning
and he smells like aftershave.
No thought to it
he just waves to the ladies at the front desk
shouts out good morning
strides across the lobby
heels clicking on the tile floor
right out into the street
No thought to it.
I sit here in one of these comfortable lobby chairs
where do I even start? where do I even start?


5 thoughts on “The Line Drawn Between Us

  1. Some people always seem to know where they are going. Doing. Exactly what to think. Never me. I am always full of doubts and seeing another side of things and wondering if I’m actually in the same world as other people. Quite often! But that is ok, I like my location and it’s not crowded with noise and distractions.

  2. Bursting with life, as they say. That is a good feeling and this time of year, even more so, with all the trees and plants and flowers blooming and green, I think.

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