Outside It

From the collection published in 2018, Pink Chalk.

Outside It

The three
live in a den across the creek

two children
born gray stayed gray up to this week
now grown into red
bushy tail and coat
over long black-stocking legs

and their mother who
lies in the tall grass
licking the face of one child
while the other trots a rectangle
around them
loose stride and easy

in the wind that’s been blowing all day
not a breeze but a good strong wind
the kind that turns the leaves over
that broke the humid weather with the thunderstorm
last night
it blows

and I watch
the three
in the blowing grass
under the sky
who are living
outside the past the present the future

the always


6 thoughts on “Outside It

  1. Thank you. I saw a fox in the same area I wrote about in this poem this morning, gliding through the trees. Could be one of these babies mentioned here or another one, but…I do like to see the fox in our yard.

  2. Thank you. I wrote this poem two summers ago and I still feel it. And…yesterday I saw a fox running across the yard into the trees…the vision repeats, or continues, I do not know which.

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