Respectfully Yours

From Pink Chalk, 2018.

Respectfully Yours

Shiraz is a wine
or maybe a carpet. I’m not sure.
My knowledge nibbles along the edges
of a lot of subjects but I usually avoid
taking in a full meal and certainly there are gaps
in my diet. I did do a college thesis and in great detail
I explained every iota of everything there is to know
concerning a connection between
ladybug populations and
the effect on Chesapeake Bay oysters
for which I won a prize. So there. Hurrah for me
but the hoopla is long over and now I’m content
to count nouns on the first page
of every novel I read as my contribution
to national security and/or the numerical balance
of the universe whichever comes first. Everything accrues,
as they say. Of course I would appreciate your vote
for my re-election to the Senate but you do what
you think best
plenty of others are happy to ease me into port
one more time.
I will mention that I have a tiered contribution program
that may interest you as well as an estate planning option
cradle to grave my campaign is everywhere for everyone.
Thank you and excuse me
my limo is out front and the umbra waits for no one.


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  1. Well, I would agree totally except I think it depends what they have chosen to focus on. That needs to be considered. Could be a red flag and not the green light (to mix metaphors, ugh).

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