Little Vines 6/23/20

As I said last week, I’ve been going over the manuscript for the next Little Vines book (basically it’s the Vines between 3000-4000) and in doing that, I always find quite a few that need a tweak.

And then there are some that I don’t even know what they mean anymore, or I see a flaw in them that is so major I can’t abide it.

It means rewriting, or in some cases it means – throwing out the existing on and putting in a brand new one. Editing turns into writing.

Here are the rest of the  Little Vines that got makeovers or are brand new. The numbers are the ones assigned to them in the book.


OK, let’s get going.

Electricity to the
Coffee urn leads to
Caffeine for the
Body sorely in need of it.

when you circled back for the rendezvous
on the dark side street
your body left its shadow behind
wanting no witnesses

usually you’re just the slap in the face
an out-of-control office party needs
but tonight you’ve taped pencils to your head
told everyone you’re the Statue of Be at Liberty To

The two silent shapes in the fog
men who flanked a third who whispered:
Which way now, Which way now
I knew I was meant to run and I did.

that street name
misspelled on the exit sign
is the place where I grew up

She’s got all the money.
When you go
she stays. Solvent and single.

a decent man but vain
transparent as glass
he sat in this chair many times
while my mother smoked and looked through him

the broken plate reassembles its pieces
the eggs unscramble themselves
the contract throws off inked signatures:
sometimes life lets you try again

my face muttering at me
in the tiny cracked mirror
my sanity floating off into the air

The lizard
runs down the wall pauses in its shade.
I imagine the chalky feel of concrete under his feet.

at one o’clock in the morning
I dreamed the cook in the kitchen
was frying bacon in my sleep

my pink blouse and gray skirt
they certainly take on another shape
when you wear them

The cyclops on the hill
pink swim trunks and monocle sunglasses

oh they had an obliteration planned
those impudent bold-faced and brassy chemicals
itching to turn limp brown locks into Goldilocks

City sidewalk then he was gone just gone.
Navy blue suit disappearing him hey presto!
Office-wear camouflage. Makes you as invisible as air.

a million ways to lose happy
and here’s where we ended up –
somehow still holding on to happy.
Grateful doesn’t begin to cover it.
if I could just say a word or two about said the minister
Hurriedly the hundred onlookers
began to rehearse their one-size-fits-all justifications

He’s worked here six months
He’s never said a word that wasn’t about work.
This is a tell-all office.
Somebody needs to do something.

Your humming
frays my nerves
fringes my patience

If there is a disagreement
the rock is
always going to win.

think about how it was back then
when we had not yet arrived in this small pond
met the big fish who swim in this stagnant water

Forty years a king
Half a stone tablet a short inscription broken off
All that is left of him. Is it too much?

First the pink ties on my white apron
crossed in front and tied behind –
then we can start cutting up the beets.

standing in the driveway of my house
at the chic end of the beach
I wondered how I’d make this month’s payment

11 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/23/20

  1. It may be time for an illustrated poetry moment from you…Just saying! I don’t like coffee much but my husband, well, let’s say this poem is for him…

  2. Thank you. The original LV had the first line and I didn’t like the other two, and suddenly, this set came to me. Sometimes inspirations strikes like that. I also think the hot weather these last couple of days has influenced me!

  3. Thank you. I think I am hoping to push the universe along with this LV, just hoping it might be true today, as I can say it has happened to me in the past, maybe we can try again and do better for our world? I hope.

  4. I think the revisions helped a lot of these, and of course, many were essentially all new when I couldn’t stand the old one except for maybe a couple of words. It was fun to do this. Plus now, the overall book is better since the worst ones have been improved.

  5. I enjoy revising/rethinking things. I probably have enough material now I would never have to do anything totally new. But of course I keep churning out more.

  6. 3747 – misspelled exit sign – That was the case for my neighborhood. For years, the sign for the street exit leading into our development had two letters transposed.

  7. I am kind of nuts over spelling and typos (I find them in a book, I pounce. I feel like writing to the publisher. And I think spell check has made more of these things happen. But I digress). The sign you mention, I would have fumed every time I saw it, probably.

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