Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 25

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

On June 19, the Marathon took place at home again. I will therefore show you more photos of my house and yard, right? Right. It was a beautiful day. Let’s pretend you’ve come to visit me in the Marathon setting. Park on the street and then approach the house one of two ways. From the driveway:


Or, come from the street sidewalk and take the other path:

Now to the day. I did short poems, haiku, tanka, and shadorma. For some of them I used one of my trusty phrase cards:

PO 6-19-20 Aa

For others, I was inspired by the surroundings here at home. I’ll give you some photos:

Now to some writing.

Here is a shadorma chain started off with the phrase from the card, “treading water”. You may remember that I have been a swimmer all my life, and so treading water for me is not stressful or to fend off panic in the water, but relaxing, soothing.

treading water
deep end of the pool
tiny tiles
on the bottom twelve feet down
my feet languid wraiths

my hands clouds
who float me. The gloom
I hover
in it with it above it
A fish breathing air

There is a dog in our neighborhood who barks a lot.

Nerves tensed up
we wait. Barking dog
quiet now
but will he
start up again? Oh I wish
he’d stroke out and die

A sparrow family has set up in the birdhouse next to the dining room door. I have watched the parents taking care of their children. A tanka chain.

Rush home oh the noise
that greets you they are so loud
your four new children
hinged beaks open up so wide
mercy you think can it be

that is your stomach
I’m seeing? Let me fill it
and you do. Again.
Again. Scrawny featherless
voices demand. You hurry.

Here are some more photos of flowers in our yard. I hope everyone is well and in good spirits. Thank you for reading!

7 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 25

  1. That first poem is wonderful in communicating that deeply relaxing feeling of floating around in water. There is something about feeling weightless and physically supported that somehow eases all of the psychological and emotional weights we carry, even if only momentarily.

  2. What a beautiful yard!
    I try but I’m not much of a green thumb and we are in a bit of a dry spell here in Boston as well.
    I have to water my vegetable garden twice a day!

  3. I enjoy the perspective of following the paths in to your Marathon. The treading water poem took me to a pool for a few minutes … a peaceful moment. I don’t enjoy dog barking either. My partner has undertaken to reduce the ear splitting pronouncements of our largest dog … I am not overly optimistic, but longing for peace.

  4. Thank you. And I feel for you re dog barking, I’m not a dog fan to begin with, and this one neighborhood dog seems to do a session each day. I cannot figure out what he could be barking at given the lack of activity around here. Luckily he is a street or so away. But my sentiments are real. You eventually can lose patience alhtough I guess it should be with the owners, not the dog.

  5. Thank you. I can’t take much credit, I just mow it and keep things trimmed and so on. We are lucky to have this little oasis! We have had a very nice spring here, with enough but not too much rain, and that has really made things grow well.

  6. Sometimes dogs bark when they are bored, often when alone. If a truck goes by our dogs will bark and may go on about it for quite a time afterwards although I try to persuade them (sometimes nicely) that there is no reason to be concerned. But the biggest earsplitting explosion of noise has been coming at mealtimes which we are hoping to tame into softer sounds….

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