The Last Loose End

From Pink Chalk, published in 2018.


The Last Loose End
Lawn chair at the curb
hunched next to the trash cans
waiting for pickup
all of them. Poor chair
seized up and bent double
right front leg stuck out straight
in a kind of rigor mortis
Life taking the turns with such speed sometimes
lazing around a glass-topped table
on the way to an undignified burial.

Back at the patio
late home of the decedent
the three surviving chairs and the glass-topped table
are left to mourn
the sun umbrella not quite as distressed
but feeling the loss of course
with even the barbeque grill
experiencing a twinge of mortality.

Well, the garbage truck is making its way down the street
hurry and say good-bye
this is all the funeral there will be
the out-thrust metal leg hits the tailgate
the chair falls in
crushed by the compactor it is gone.
The truck snorts

grinds its gears
lumbers down the street
the empty trash cans left on the curb


3 thoughts on “The Last Loose End

  1. Ah yes. All of those once useful items waiting to meet their end. The occasional thing will, of course, be salvaged and repurposed by a passerby. We had a massive pile of furniture and possessions sitting at our kerb after the basement flood and it was interesting how many people came by to see what they might be able to reclaim and repurpose. I eventually had to put signs on the piles to indicate that it was all flood damaged.

  2. There’s a get it done already feeling, but sort of sadness, too. It makes me think of when we were cleaning out my mom’s apartment when she went into assisted living, and so much of her stuff just got junked.

  3. I read somewhere that when you are alive, your home is full of your personality, and when you die (or equivalent permanent move, like your mom) – it’s a garage sale already set up. I’ve remembered that and as I get older…I find myself thinking of —do I want to wait for the garage sale on this (fill in the blank) item? Or just… let it go now?

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