Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 23

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!



On June 4 the Marathon left home. We had a vicious storm yesterday with winds of 75+ MPH. Our area was hard hit and trees on every street uprooted or split or splintered. One of these toppled electrical wires for my house. The electricity has been off 24+ hours and given the number of outages and the need to cut or remove trees at almost every break, I estimate it will be out for 4 days.

No scientific method here, just my guess. So part of today, my husband and I went to his office, which is still closed, and usually he works from home anyway, but today there was no other option with electricity. We will staying in a hotel tonight and I have resigned myself to the loss of all the food in the freezer  I have been carefully preparing and stockpiling these three months past.

I am grateful our house is fine and also that it is not a cold winter outage when we need to worry about the pipes.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m not in a writing mood, but it seems important to try.


I’ve been rereading some old favorite books. One is called Miss Pinkerton, by Mary Roberts Rinehart. I took a couple of sentences at random from the book to spark a little bit of writing.PO 6-4-20


I only did three poems today. Here is one:

…but you came up the stairs. You remember. You screamed.
Mercy what a racket you made! Now look what you made me do!

Thus rebuked and responsible for
the clang-slosh of the pail of dirty water hurtling down the stairs
(and I was sure there were others jolted too: I thought I heard
the startled skitter of cockroach feet on the wood floor
rushing to escape behind a baseboard)
The uproar died down
I let the insects be and tried to focus on what she was saying:

How you startled me and now look
what a first-class mess this carpet is. Come here.
Watch that squelchy area.
(Grabs my arm and pulls me.)
Tell me what’s the matter
her eyes focus on mine for a moment
in a suspicious way I don’t like. Tell me
she gives vicious squeeze to my forearm
near my elbow
that I knew would leave a bruise

She says it
Very calm very quiet
very much ready to take it further.

I tell her.


Here is a shadorma chain:

The doorbell
rings in the kitchen
the cook shrieks
the cake falls
the mop slithers in soap suds
the bucket chuckles

the pot blinks
at another slap
of green goo
dish soap. Bzzzz
the bell shouts. Chaos stands up
to answer the door.


I hope everyone is feeling well and in good spirits.

Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 23

  1. Chaos stands up to answer the door…
    What a burden to add to your already overburdened psyche…I’m so sorry! I hope things will be back to what passes for normal these days soon. (K)

  2. Thanks. We will get through it. I feel I’m in some alternate reality and I keep hoping for things to adjust. Then I remember…this is reality. Eek.

  3. Oh no, Claudia. I am sorry you got thumped by those storms. I am glad for you that your house was not damaged but I am sorry you will lose so much because of the power outage and that you are having to deal with chaos.

  4. I gather you have your power back? I just got a freezer in March and have built up home supplies often thinking of the possibility of power outage. I hope you didn’t lose everything. I notice your poems are filled with the impact of the unexpected. I especially enjoy the dramatic clangs of the second one.

  5. Thank you. Yes, we are home, and I have cleaned up the mess. I’ve had to do this one other time and it makes me sad at the waste and so on, but on the other hand, I am grateful that I am able to replace the food. I will pass on my freezer tip – if your power goes out and you wonder if your food is ok or not – do this now and at that time you’ll know – fill a shallow container with water and freeze it. Set a penny on top. Put in the freezer. The idea is, if the penny has not sank into the ice, the food is ok. If the ice has begun to melt so that the penny is sinking in, it’s not ok. Simple and reliable, no guessing.

  6. Thank you. I was kind of grasping for inspiration and my brain was totally out of gas. Thank goodness for other people’s thoughts that can jump-start it. Books never stop being my friends.

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