Little Vines 6/2/20

I write Little Vines each week on a schedule, and so I sat down to work today. I just cannot really do it. My heart is very heavy and bewildered. I am angry, exhausted, and fearful. I grieve for the people in pain, and for what is happening to my nation and my state and my city, and for all the wrongs, past and present. As I think we all are, according to our situations.

I found that the few Vines I could come up with were more reflective of current events than usual for me. I try to maintain a certain detachment from exactly what is going on in the world, and comment from inside my Vines world on life in a more general way. Not possible for me today. I decided to post the few I have done and to return next week.

I’ve lived all my life believing in the future. That hope and faith make a difference, that kindness is important, and that I give my best effort in whatever I am doing.

However hard it is to do hang on to that belief now, I am promising here to do so, and that whatever work we have to do to make things better in this world, I will do my part. It is especially personal to me right now, because I will be becoming a grandmother next month, and a new person on this earth will be needing me to try.

Thank you all for reading this, for reading all my poetry, for all your encouragement, and for helping me keep going.


All right, here are the Vines from today.

hold a cool thin hand in your own
without needing to know
whose it is

even fists
even fingernails that scratch
express grief

it was no place for a caterpillar
everyone said
but one was there anyway
determined to thrive

she wants the door knob
to turn she wants
to be doing the turning for a change

a rainy moody autumn-style
heavy dull ache
this summer just can’t shake off

I cry
and then I
wring out my memories

I’ll sit alone in the restaurant
but would it be prudent
even to enter its doors?

come home with me and the pink orchid
in the front window and the new baby
asleep in her room upstairs
come home with me

12 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/2/20

  1. We cannot give up hope. We can spread our message and hope through our creations and blogging. Maybe we can start each blog post with a message of love and hope.
    We outnumber those who have hatred in their heart.
    We need to vote.
    We need to continue the fight for what is right.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and support.

  2. Thank you for listening. I agree with all you’ve said. I like the part about the messages of hope and reminders of what is good through whatever way I can.

  3. Wow. These really are poems that reflect this moment. Human connection, shared experience, hope for change, and processing pain, grief, and trauma.

  4. Happy news about your granddaughter… yet being a parent or grandparent these days is not for the faint of heart…I share your experiences of intense emotions in recent days…of course the weight of all the hate,violence, small-mindedness etc has been here all along as the person debating on whether or not to enter a restaurant (f) would well know.

  5. Thank you. I made it up ( though I am sure I am not the first person, but I mean I didn’t get the idea from somewhere else, just started doing it). I have written thousands of them in maybe about 3 years. Here is the first post where I did them
    as part of my weekly Poetry Marathon. Now they get their own sessions and I named them Little Vines because the word “vignette”, which is what I think of them as, seemed kind of fancy. They are a lot of fun to write.

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