Haiku 674-679

From Count Syllables on Your Fingers, 2020.

Written 4/25/19


Haiku 674

I don’t envy you
keeping billions of screts
all at the same time

Haiku 675

a few ideas
screeching out their credentials.
none of them are friends.

Haiku 676

all of them have friends
planet star asteroid moon
go and search the sky

Haiku 677

a lot of questions
a lot of nights not sleeping
leaving the lights on

Haiku 678

only practical
that housewife who does not care
which broom she sweeps with

Haiku 679

not sentimental
that housewife who tears up rags
from baby nightgowns


3 thoughts on “Haiku 674-679

  1. I am that person who would recycle baby clothes into housework rags. I have done that very thing. I really liked the outer space one. There is something comforting in the message that, even within the isolating vastness of space, it is still possible to find and make friends.

  2. I hope there are friends out there for us. I have always wanted to travel to another world (assuming them all to be friendly, maybe that is not true, but in my dream it is).

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