A Salesman’s Got to Sell

A Salesman’s Got to Sell
At a neighborhood party and
crowds of people and
I sit in a lawn chair
and think about going home when
this man hangs over the arm of my chair
just like that he says
Let me ask you
leans in
how’s it going and
where you from
and in what city? No kidding and
well, I’ve been to the other city
guess the weather was the same
and a friend down there
introduced me to corn dogs
if you can believe that
let me tell you.
I’m in the apparel business
four states
five times a week
all over. Let me tell you

He tells me and he tells me and
I stop listening to the words but the rhythm sure is catchy
and I notice that
like a good trumpet player
you can’t even tell where he takes the breaths.
Yes, a marvel this performance
in factory offices and showrooms across four states

this kind of glib is like a whole set of backflips across the turf
a glissando your eye can’t help but follow but then
there is enough
You tire out
I close my eyes
doesn’t change a thing
A salesman’s got to sell
A mark’s got to give in
The sun rises and the sun sets
A salesman’s got to sell.


3 thoughts on “A Salesman’s Got to Sell

  1. This poem was inspired by a man who came into my booth about 3 years ago and was the quintessential salesman, though he was trying to sell me anything, it was just ingrained in the cadence of his talk and how he managed the conversation. Very striking, he was, in that way.

  2. Oh my goodness yes do I recognise this type of person! I find them to be such energy vampires as I feel my batteries running down really quickly when forced to endure lengthy monologues of forceful, high energy babble.

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