3 thoughts on “Haiku 680, 681

  1. Love both of these! The first one makes me think of the cache those with wealth have simply because of the wealth they possess at a certain point rather than whatever qualities they have that might have gained them the wealth in the first place. The money becomes the status and the wealth begets more wealth and status. The second one makes me think of the difference between my husband and I. He is always a sunny side optimist whereas I think of myself as a realist with pessimistic leanings. He always assumes things will go swimmingly whereas I constantly mentally or even physically prepare for a whole lot of possible outcomes including worst case scenarios.

  2. I think I am like you, I read recently that our mindset is called defensive pessimism. Well, I will say it’s kept me out of trouble for a long time, so I’ll stay with it! I also think , as for the first one, it seems wealthy people enjoy being asked for money (not giving it out) because it shows they have it to be asked for!

  3. I read the first one as the prayers that be…I think they would be thrilled to be chosen too. Not so sure about the checkbooks though.

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