Little Vines 5/19/20

I’ve been doing these tiny poems for a while. Now I’m giving them their own space.

Here is this week’s assortment. I hope all of you are well and safe. See you next week!

I wait to find out:
a day of my life salvaged
or shipwrecked?

the marks on my wrists
are from the ties on your apron
suspending me in a sullen perpetual childhood
I find comfortable

you’ve questioned every light bulb
every lamp in the room has spilled its secrets
stop yanking their chains

kaboom one kaboom two
the car lurches
it’ll be a nice family trip, you said?

the front door of the house
treat it with the respect it deserves
it is the portal into the secrets you wish to hide

a hall full of running people
sucked into a stairwell
like a swarm of locusts riding a downdraft

A few balls of yarn
two weeks later
a striped blanket. Slow-motion magic.

not to rush you but
you get me some dinner
before I eat you
said the cat.

our marriage it’s lasted
because of my pot roast
and your ability to fix a faucet

Take another look at your last living relatives
thumbs out beside the highway east.
You press the gas harder. They recede into the distance.

This particular ectoplasm is new this spring,
vigorous growth habit and enthusiastic spreader,
said the salesman to the medium.
We ship free to your location, too.

the old cabin at the lake
ready to retire on a good pension
haunted by five decades of tourist squabbles and
bobby pins dropped between floorboards

a bag of yarn rumbas on the back seat lines partner to
a cat wraps a rainbow around the steering wheel
while the radio pumps out lurid dance tunes
quick whose car is this because I sure do want a ride

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Little Vines 5/19/20

  1. Another fabulous collection. You will know from our in-person chats why j) really resonates with me. I like the symbolism in that one a lot. It’s very potent. I also really chimed with a) because it feels like every day right now is either salvaged or shipwrecked by the demands of distance learning and technology glitches.

  2. Yes, I do see why j struck you. The ongoing saga. The drama. The lure of a peaceful life! I am with you! For me, a is related to my ability to put events outside my house in place and not allow the weight of the world to cave me in. Each day is a new start to this challenge, but…as time is passing I am getting better at it. I hope the same for your tech issues!

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