Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 18

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!


Another homebound Marathon this week, the session occurring on 5/1/20.

It’s been a busy week and sort of choppy. I’ve done a couple of days of yardwork (this year I am removing/renovating an ancient hedge) – Casualty count, one hacksawed hand (not too bad), one scratch across the face (ditto), one leg cut by a branch that went through my pants (ditto).

Yesterday I sprained my ankle in my annual trip and fall on a trail in the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust (totally my fault, I need to remember to watch my step, especially those larger cobbly kind of stones that litter sections of this particular trail). That one will take a few days to heal but it’s already much better today.

So poetry has squeezed in here and there. I decided to finish up the poems to accompany the images in my latest sketchbook, Large Artist Sketchbook 2020. I accomplished this goal and I will show you a couple of pages and their poems.

First, though, how about a couple of pictures from recent wanderings in parks and woods.

Now for the poems.

This one is for Image 29 in the sketchbook.


In the hectic city
a man takes a bubble bath
a pigeon watches on the windowsill.
A cat on the sidewalk
bewilders itself
with the many options the world offers
to a cat on the loose.
Someone drops a box of eggs in the grocery.
Limp sheets in frolic patterns droop from the clothesline.
That fellow who stands on the corner
performing scenes from Shakespeare
is doing Macbeth this morning. The traffic speeds by
heedless. Too bad. He is quite good in this role.

PO 5-1-20 (1)


This one is for Image 31. I am sure this shadorma is not the poem I would have written for this image at the time I did the picture, back in late 2019. No.


Well, you who
have come to my door
and for what
aim? What end?
What do you say? Is it safe
to greet you to smile

to ask you
to come inside? No.
I must not
and yet I
loathe the hostile aloofness
I sham. Forgive me.

PO 5-1-20 (6)

Let’s end on a happier note. Here is a chalked phrase I saw on a trail recently. I hope everyone is well and that we all stay that way.

PO 5-1-20 (2)

Thank you for reading!

13 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 18

  1. Thank you. I am feeling better already, I just want to kick myself (figuratively, I guess I don’t need any more injuries right now) for taking my eye off those stones when I knew their abilities…

  2. And I have always been prone to trips and falls, even on smooth surfaces. At least this time I did not skid like the last time I did this and then have to have gravel picked out of my hand. Ouch.

  3. A few close calls…memories of the poison ivy last year came up. I’m glad you are on the mend. I absolutely love poem 5 with all the different views inside buildings and on the sidewalk. And that blue flower photo is exquisite !

  4. Thank you. I am progressing, ankle-wise. And thank you about the flower photo. A snapshot with my phone. Sometimes I get just the right angle…and I thought those flowers were really arresting in their color.

  5. Yes the flower colour and their shapes! I haven’t been on a trail for a while but rocks and stones can easily cause a twist. I’m yearning to get out but recently I heard that people on trails that were no longer closed were ticketed for being too close together… not enough ‘corona
    dodging’ I guess.

  6. My advice for trails is, go out really early, or else on days that the weather is not perfect, and…avoid the easy ones to access. This particular area where I fell is in the preserve so not so well known. I look forward to when things might be more normal and the more quiet atmosphere I am used to on these trails can return, though I am glad that people are finding them and enjoying them too, maybe some of that will encourage people to support the preserves and so on, that maintain them.

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